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His performance was so layered and emotional. It was really fantastic to listen to and I’ve read the book now hundreds of times. - Craig Seymour, author

With the brilliant narration of David Sadzin, we can feel Luther’s heartache, pain, anger and longing, allowing the listener to be the fly on the wall as the events unfold. - Audible review

David Sadzin is a delight to work with. He’s extremely professional, has a wonderful vocal presence, and really inhabits a piece, steadily and richly breathing life into it. - David Erik Nelson, author

David Sadzin is a stand out talent in this one. He delivers a performance that I won’t soon forget. - Audible review


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About David

When he was seven, David's first grade teacher gave him a paragraph to read out loud. She interrupted him halfway to proclaim him “The Ringmaster” in his class's musical extravaganza about the circus. He's been using his voice to get out of trouble ever since.

After a few intense years on New York's stages, performing traditional and experimental theater, improv and sketch comedy, he's now settled comfortably in front of the mic in his home studio in Brooklyn. When he's not distracted, he also hosts a podcast about meditation.